33711 Highway one  |   stewarts point, CA

A substantial presence on treasured, private coastal lands, the Sonoma Coast House is an architectural expression of its surroundings. The ultimate beach house with a sense of anchoring shelter and luminous elegance, the house was designed for the comfort of its owner and the ease of sharing the home with guests. A design of imposing beauty and admirable efficiency, this monumental feat of engineering appears both solid as a fortress and fragile as a candle lit lantern.' The structure's frank openness and warmth, rich with natural materials, is organized in three pavilions, connected with a floating metal roof to unify the entire house and shelter a deck emulating the horizontal alignments of fog which are illuminated by the sun and sea.

4 Beds  |  4.5 Baths  |   4,905 sq. ft.   |   218 acres

SOLD $4,365,000